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REIZEN|Different Speeds (CD)



sample:https://atsushireizen.bandcamp.com/album/different-speeds 冷泉「異速度」 「音響的には極めて限定的でありながらも、素材と素材の間隔が常に揺れ動いていることからくる不安定な感覚に身を委ねていると、時間はあっという間に過ぎてゆくだろう。このシリーズにおいては、響きを聴くというよりも、音と音の狭間に生じる時間の伸縮/関係性に聴き入る耳が求められる。」鈴木治行(ライナーノーツより) 東京を拠点とした新レーベル「0奏|edition zeroso」が始動。リリース第一弾は、冷泉によるミニマルな作品「異速度」。厚紙スリーヴに活版印刷をほどこした装丁。2019/7/10より販売開始。 Reizen | Different Speeds "While the work is exceedingly limited in its acoustic range, if you give yourself over to the sense of instability created by the constant variance of the intervals between the two sounds, time seems to elapse in a blink of an eye. As a whole, rather than its acoustic qualities, the series demands that you listen closely to the expansion and contraction and interrelationship of time that is created in the spaces between the sounds." (quoted from liner notes by Haruyuki Suzuki) The CD comes in a handmade binding, with letterpress printing. Tracklist: 1. Different Speeds No.4 - 28:51 Composed by Atsushi Reizen Recorded and Mastered by Nobuki Nishiyama at Soup, Ochiai, Tokyo Designed by Miho Ino